Supply Chain Management

MARTIN BENCHER has a professional team of skilled employees who aim to ensure that your company gets most innovative and cost-efficient solutions and processes, allowing you keep focus on your company’s core business.

The success in supply chain management lies in the detail. By analysing your company’s needs, both for today and tomorrow, we are able to understand the full-scale requirements in your value chain, increasing optimization. We can handle your cargo by air, road, rail and sea – whilst at all times remaining carrier neutral. We offer the full package of consolidation with warehousing, quality control and customs formalities.

Cargo is being transported as part of Supply Chain Management

Managing Risk

RISK MANAGEMENT is part of our daily work, to constantly overview potential risks, such as congestions, weather forecasts, container and special equipment supply, as well as carrier financial status. Together with our clients, we set up KPI’s for our suppliers to ensure a satisfactory constant workflow. 

Martin Bencher supply chain management also covers IT solutions such as ERP, SAP, and CargoWise. We also develop ‘on demand’ new IT systems in cooperation with our client’s requirements.

Storytelling From a Specialist

Rasmus Lübker Andersen, Team leader of Danish Supply Chain Group explains:

“Safe deliveries in time and with a cost structure matching the market and the client’s expectations, this is what we want to deliver every day, all year around. Most of our clients have worked with Martin Bencher Group for several years – and our team knows what it takes to support the client in all aspects. We are proactive in our way of working – solving problems even before they arise.”

Rasmus Lübker Andersen
Team Leader | Supply Chain Group