Rail Services

RAILING SERVICES have always been a part of Martin Bencher’s forwarding capabilities. With our rail knowledge, key contacts, experience, innovative creativity, and dedicated project managers, we will make sure your cargo will arrive safely, on schedule and on budget. In recent years, Martin Bencher has expanded its network within rail transportation, and today we offer rail services to customers worldwide.

Long-haul deliveries in the USA have especially been subject to comparisons between rail vs trucking, and with our MB Kansas office we have combined more than 20 years of experience in rail services. 

Train transporting goods as part of rail services

Supporting the Industry

MARTIN BENCHER can provide the below services for your next project, being an all encompassed solution, in a market sensitive rate.

  • Door to door rail transportation
  • Railroad clearance submittal
  • Railcar equipment selection
  • AAR Open Top Load securement plans
  • Scheduled railroad mechanical inspections
  • Magnetic railcar GPS locate – 3 axis accelerometer impact detection devices
  • Electronic railcar waybilling
  • Daily customer tracking and tracing reports for empty/loaded railcars
  • Proactive customer track and tracing reports for empty/loaded railcars
  • Destination car cleaning

Storytelling From a Specialist

Branch Manager Mr. Andrew Miller talks about his passion for rail turnkey solutions.

Andrew started working with rail solutions in 2008. Rail being one of the fundamental project transport services in US – he takes a big pride in having learnt the basics from the operation side of this industry.

Andrew took the ride From the Open top loading school back in 2008 – now leading one of the top project teams in the rail industry from the Martin Bencher Kansas City office.

Andrew says; “rail is not only an A to Z business. If you want to be by the best, you need to provide tailor fit turnkey solutions to your clients.

He continues; “its like a puzzle to make the logistic planning using all stakeholders – class one, short line railroads, engineering and your in-depth network.

The target is to bring solutions to the table with focus on safety, cost and project management. And at Martin Bencher we are good at this – he replies with a smile on his lips and a sincere respect for the industry.

Andrew Miller
Branch Manager | Kansas City