Over 20 Years with Pulp and Paper

Martin Bencher has been involved in the paper and pulp business since our start in 1997. We have successfully completed numerous projects over the years to various destinations all over the world.

Our initial involvement was mainly paper machines (fine paper, board, tissue etc.) The customers liked the Martin Bencher approach – being onsite and having the hands on approach all the way from production to the end destination.

China being the biggest market 20 years ago – Martin Bencher has, up to today, delivered paper and pulp projects to every continent in the world.

Transporting a Paper Mill

Planning, professional execution and timely delivery are the key factors to build up a new factory in a remote site. Our Martin Bencher Team has years of experience on cost procurement and Supply Chain Management. Our key focus points to a successful project are;

  • Project Management, Supply Chain and project planning
  • Inhouse & onsite Project Managers
  • Shipping solutions from ex works to site delivery
  • Break bulk shipments, Heavy Lift, Time Charter, Part Charter etc.
  • QHSE through ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015 and ISO 45001:2018 supporting the normal standards within the Industry

Storytelling From a Specialist

Christian Holm Jensen, who started working with his first Pulp and Paper project in 2003, states the following:

“MB has been working with the Pulp and Paper Industry for +20 years. It has been one of our main businesses since the beginning of the company and we still enjoy very close relations with the main suppliers within this sector.

The demand for paper products in the world is increasing and during the years the projects have become bigger and even more complex. Large billion-dollar investments are now the new norm and for such mega projects, our clients need the experience Martin Bencher Group can supply in order to safely and effectively transport all the material to jobsite.

Christian Holm Jensen
Business Development Manager | Denmark