Health and Safety

MARTIN BENCHER GROUP is committed to ensuring the health, safety and well- being of all its employees and foster a safe and healthy work environment in all Martin Bencher locations at ports, jobsites and while travelling. Our policy is safety first.

Each employee will be given such information, instruction and training necessary to enable the safe performance of work activities. It is the duty of management to ensure that all processes and systems of work are designed to take into account health and safety and are properly supervised at all times. Adequate facilities and arrangements will be maintained to enable employees and their representatives to raise issues of health and safety.

In the Martin Bencher Standards, our Quality, Health, Safety and Environment Policy is to lower labour risks at offices, ports and jobsites.

We have identified risks for employees when working for Martin Bencher, and mitigations have been put in place to minimize the risks.

When travelling with MARTIN BENCHER GROUP employees are encouraged to be careful, make sure to notify their whereabouts to local authorities from the respective country of the employee, and notify the local agent of activities.