Martin Bencher respects the rights for all, to protect individual private data. Stakeholders to Martin Bencher can rely on us handling all personal data in a responsible manner. Martin Bencher has implemented the GDPR policy to state, that we will always handle your personal data in a safe and protected way.

Martin Bencher’s mangers are responsible for ensuring this policy are fulfilled. All stakeholders are responsible for handling information correctly and to inform Martin Bencher if any inappropriate behavior is observed.

Martin Bencher are only filing business- and personal relevant data necessary for Martin Bencher business and employee’s contractual agreements, and only for legitimate purpose.

By sending unsolicited personal data to Martin Bencher, you accept that we have the right to file the received data. We will ensure that Martin Bencher will not hand your personal data to other stakeholders without your permission.

Martin Bencher maintains a Personal Data Breach register. If any leak is discovered Martin Bencher will remove all data within 72 hours.

Martin Bencher requires that all third-party suppliers, controlling personal data or who have access to any of our personal data, must have a GDPR Policy, with minimum same requirements as Martin Bencher.

Martin Bencher takes responsibility to keep relevant personal data protected, and at any time we can inform which kind of data we have filed in Martin Bencher. On request we will delete any of your personal data, unless this conflicts with local regulations.

We will keep our systems updated and have a high level of security against cyber-attacks to reduce risks of any data leak.

We will fulfil this policy by:

  • Implementing and following up on this GPDR Policy, globally.
  • Ensureing that all data is identified, evaluated and assessed.
  • Maintaining and developing our security systems.
  • Communicating openly about the handling of our GDPR.

Martin Bencher will at all times comply with valid EU GDPR legislation and related local GDPR legislation.


Peter Thorsoe Jensen

Martin Bencher Group