Environmental Impact

MARTIN BENCHER GROUP acknowledges the need for a responsible policy towards the environment. By applying our values, we strive to contribute to reducing the negative environmental impact on our local as well as global community. We work to influence our environmental impact through choice of suppliers used as well as modes of transport chosen.

Martin Bencher considers itself as part of both the local and the global community and wherever we trade we shall always comply to local legislation and we shall behave in an environmentally conscious manner.

We work proactively and continuously on environmental improvements and keep staff and suppliers updated and motivated.

MARTIN BENCHER GROUP is an office-based freight forwarding provider. The nature of the operations makes the Group´s environmental impact relatively small. The environmental impact of MARTIN BENCHER GROUP is instead mostly indirect through clients, partners, suppliers, etc.

We have local offices around the world that are encouraged to take an active part in the local community. This enables us to influence the environmental awareness and work of our stakeholders.