MARTIN BENCHER GROUP is a company in constant development and growth. We are a young, dynamic and enthusiastic team with a company culture we are proud of. The last few years we have grown significantly and with our current strategy we expect this to continue. This also means that we need to take extra care to maintain our good working environment.

An important part of the Martin Bencher culture is how we treat people. We are a service provider so relationships with people are paramount for our business and day-to-day operations. We make sure to address everybody in a professional, timely, and decent manner – both colleagues, clients and others that we meet.

We acknowledge differences and treat everybody courteously, decently and professionally. The international environment that Martin Bencher operates within makes it important to consider cultural differences between colleagues, clients, suppliers, agents, etc.

As written in the Martin Bencher Standards for Good Business Behaviour, MARTIN BENCHER GROUP is committed to carrying out its business in a sustainable way, through conducting business with integrity and in compliance with the local laws and regulations governing its business.