Barge Services

MARTIN BENCHER provides custom made barge solutions for larger projects within a wide range of industries.

Our project Managers are highly experienced and work with thorough in depth analysis to guarantee safety and best practice solutions towards our clients. Procurement and Project Management are the key words in planning and executing river barge solutions.

A custom project package consist of; voyage planning, weather routing, contingency- and emergency procedures, procurement and project Management – including nautical- and technical preparation of the tow and heavy lift transport.

No matter if you are going up the Mississippi River or connecting Singapore with the river system in Indonesia – Martin Bencher is you key partner for executing your project.

Supporting the Industry

We are offering following barge services:

  • Custom barge solutions engineered for your project
  • Project management | SCM & Project Planning
  • Cargo handling, warehousing, crane work, and rigging solutions
  • Stevedoring and loading / discharge operation planning
  • Standard flat top barge / ro-ro operations
  • Distribution Centre and SCM along the waterways
  • Risk management and HSEQ safety manuals and audits

Featured Case

5 vessels with 17,500 Metric Tons was discharged straight into awaiting hopper barges in New Orleans. 33 barges would make their way up the Mississippi to our storage yard in Fulton, IL.

Our dock is on its own inlet, protected from the strong currents of the river allowing for tranquil waters and safe operations.

327 components were offloaded into our yard per our engineered lift plan, including nacelles, hubs, fibers, and tower sections.   With 24/7 security at our secluded distribution site, the components would be safe and secure.

Finally, each component would be loaded as needed to outbound trucks for short final mile delivery.