Air Freight Services

MARTIN BENCHER is involved in air freight project shipments all over the world. The majority of the air freight cargo we handle is urgent and normally part of a bigger project.

All Martin Bencher offices have the necessary expertise and know-how to handle air freight shipments – from small packages up to charter services. Our offices in Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland, and USA are fully approved and licensed IATA agents and Secured Forwarders (Regulated Agents).

Plane getting heavy cargo loaded onto it as part of air freight services
Process of air freight services
The International Air Transport Association (IATA) logo

Storytelling From a Specialist

Leading the air division – Mikkel is one of the key specialists in our organization. What Mikkel has to say about his passion for air freight;

“Imagine a workday where you can get a request in the morning, quote it, win it and the same day it is already in the air – this is the power of air freight!
Often your client is in trouble when they approach you! You need to react fast, be professional, and think out of the box instantly. Their problems are now in your hands. It is long hours, hard, and dedicated work, but this kind of problem solving and interaction with your client, makes it all worthwhile…!  And when you see a full chartered Antonov take off – and you know there is a MB team effort on board, you can only be proud to be a part of Martin Bencher Airfreight”

Mikkel Kristensen
General Manager | Airfreight