Update on the Coronavirus (COVID-19)

In response to the widely reported Novel Coronavirus, now to be called COVID-19. Martin Bencher Group is monitoring the situation very closely and taking all necessary precautions to avoid and limit delays or extra costs on ongoing shipments. At this stage, we have not received reports of any contamination of employees, customers or suppliers.

The situation is critical as the virus continues to spread to new cities, regions and countries. In China numerous provinces are still on full shut down, while some provinces have partially resumed work on Monday February 10. As a result, most factories are still not operating, and logistics and supply chains are affected.

Trucks are not allowed to cross province boarders, which cut off most inland factories from the seaports. Barge operations can in some projects be used to transport cargoes to the seaports. The Yangtze River is more or less normal. Do note that river transportation is only allowed in some provinces.

Please note that even though some provinces are open from Monday February 10, the situation is not back to normal. Most office buildings are left empty and most staff are working from home.

Many Chinese people are trapped in their hometowns or simply staying at home, and as a result factories, shipyards, enterprises, truckers, port operations, customs officials and other staff are still missing.

Kindly be advised that business and projects in other Asian countries might also be affected by local restrictions without further notice. People who have been to China in the past 14 days might have travel restrictions in several countries around the world.

All Martin Bencher offices in China are working from home and doing their outmost to assist our customers and their projects.

Martin Bencher will follow the situation closely and will update accordingly. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to reach out to our Managing Director in China, Jonas Frankour General Manager of QHSE, Birthe Drachmann or our Communication Department, Christina Vestergaard

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