Back in November 2018, Martin Bencher had the first interview with Sissal Skaale, a competitive shooter within IPSC. Last time we interviewed Sissal, she had just finished the Danish Championship where she won the lady’s category and achieved 3rd place overall.

Since last time, a lot of new things have happened to me. Recently, I moved to Copenhagen to start studying at Copenhagen Business School where I will focus on studies within intercultural markets. I am very excited about this but also for all the new opportunities for my shooting”.

Since last time, Sissal has now changed weapon to a new category. The recent weapon Sissal has started shooting with is a ‘CZ 75 tactical sport orange (40S&W)’. She started practising using this new weapon just shortly before a competition. It takes time to get used to a new weapon, and therefore it could be a weakness for Sissal to change weapon in the middle of the season as this new weapon for instance, needs more stability from the shooter due to a higher recoil.

I was so lucky that I have got a new sponsor, so I now have the chance to try this new weapon. It takes time to get familiar with a new gun, but I see it as a welcoming challenge, and in the long run I am sure it will benefit my shooting competencies. I will make sure to practise as much as I can for the upcoming competitions, to make sure I am as prepared as possible. I have just finished two competitions; the Nordic Championship and the international competition, Infinity Open where I shot with this new weapon and took first place both times in the lady’s category”. 

As Sissal has performed very well in her recent competitions she has now qualified for the European Championship held in Serbia in September. Not only has she qualified for the game, but she is also chosen to represent Denmark in the overall Danish National Standard Team (as one of four and being the only female).

It might not seem clever to change weapon in the same season as the European Championship. But thinking about the long run and the World Championship in 2020 it is only beneficial to have tried the gun at a similar big match. Also, I will have to peak later in the season, and this gives me time to practise even more. There is a lot of new technical elements and challenges with this new weapon, but with my new bullet sponsor and my recent relocation, I am sure that my training will make me come far”.  

As Sissal also explained in her last interview, shooting is also very much about mental preparation. She has started to focus more on the mental preparation, but the technical preparation is of course important as well.

As I am my own coach and trainer, I try to make plans and intensify my training prior to every competition. I want to be more aware about my mental wellbeing and I try to reflect more after I have been shooting at a competition. I am finding a lot of inspiration and affirmation listening to various American shooting podcasts. I strongly believe that the mental preparation makes the difference between winning and losing. We all know how to pull the trigger and hit a target, but those who have a mental surplus will have better opportunities at winning“.

The next big competition for Sissal is the European Championship in September. The competition lasts for a week and she will be shooting 24 stages – usually shooting 6 stages every day. In Martin Bencher, we are proud to sponsor a young talent, focused and passionate about her sport. We congratulate Sissal with her recent prizes, and we wish her all the best of luck for the coming competitions. 

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