Celebrating chinese new year 2020

The Chinese New Year is finally here and colleagues and friends in China are preparing for the big event.

While the rest of the world hold their breath as factories and transportation almost stand still in China, the people are enjoying a well-deserved yearly break.

Some are preparing the firecrackers, some the delicious food, while others focus on the hongbaos (the red envelopes).

Many people have been looking forward to the holidays, as they are/were planning to go back to their hometown to spend time with their families. A long journey, that is not uncommon to be thousands of kilometers.

However, with the recent outbreak of the virus in Wuhan, a lot of people cannot get home for the New Year. Millions are in quarantine, while others are simply afraid of getting infected by the crowds at the public transportation.  

My greetings go to everyone in China. I’m sure that the New Year will be celebrated no matter where you are.

The year of the Pig was great, and I can only imagine that the year of the Rat will be even better. Good luck – may the coming year bring you good health and fortune!


Jonas Frank, 方 尧 呐,
Managing Director | China

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