Coronavirus (Covid-19) announcement

Every day we see the impact of the rapid spread of the novel coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19). Our top priorities are the well-being of all our employees and all stakeholders. Since the COVID-19 break out, Martin Bencher’s crisis management team (consisting of CEO, COO, CCO, Head of QHSE and local managers) were immediately activated.

The main effort of the team is to implement preventive actions to minimize infection and to protect the health, safety and security of our employees and stakeholders. We ensure that everyone is aware of and follow local requirements from authorities and guidelines.

We encourage all Martin Bencher employees to work from home. Everyone has a home office setup that ensures a normal workday to be conducted. To secure that our communication and communication lines are clear, we have established 2 working sheets with contact details and current workplace for our employees, so we are able to get in contact with each other anytime. These lists are updated regularly.

As we start to see improvements in some countries we have started creating plans of how to get people back in the offices according to guidelines from authorities. It is of absolutely highest priority that these plans are implemented under controlled and safe circumstances.

It is our aim is to secure the best possible support for our customers, partners and the communities in which we operate in a socially responsible way. We are fully committed to provide the highest care possible – to employees, customers and all our stakeholders.

All international travelling is still banned until the situation stabilises. If local travelling is needed to meet specific requirements, it must be approved by management.

In order to constantly keep the highest level of information and awareness to our employees, we distribute online newsletters with recommendations to safe behaviour. Local managers implement the recommendations locally in respect with the guidelines from authorities.  

Daily reporting to management assists the crisis management team informed about the health, safety and security status. By doing so, we have at all times an overview of the situation which makes it possible to do corrective actions, if needed.

In Martin Bencher we are aware that the situation can change fast. We have in the crisis management team committed our self to follow the situation closely – and we will with all efforts do our absolute outmost to protect employees and stakeholders. We will therefore update this page to keep all informed and to meet your needs and expectations of us.

In case you have questions or concerns related to your engagement with Martin Bencher please do not hesitate to reach out to your Martin Bencher representative, or the members of the crisis management team.

On behalf of the crisis management team,

Birthe Drachmann
Head of QHSE

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