18.01.2021 | MEET THE CFO

Chief Financial Officer

We are pleased to announce that Ms. Line Nitschke has joined Martin Bencher Group as Group Chief Financial Officer (CFO) since September 1, 2020.

Group Chief Financial Officer (CFO): Line Nitschke

Martin Bencher Group operates in a challenging world and our expansion in recent years has increased the complexity of our operation and the demands in the way we conduct our business worldwide. To secure and meet the challenges of today and the years to come, we have appointed Line to take over the responsibilities of Group Finance.

In addition to overseeing the finance and compliance, Line will also be a member of Martin Bencher Group’s senior leadership.

“We are pleased to welcome Line to Martin Bencher Group as part of our senior team,” says Peter Jensen, CEO and owner of Martin Bencher Group. “Line complements our strong Martin Bencher DNA, and we see that her financial experience has allowed her to make an immediate contribution to our strategic and financial planning”.

Line has more than 15 years of experience working within financial services and she has most recently served as Finance Director at Unifeeder.

“I am beyond grateful for the opportunity to join Martin Bencher Group. The company has unique strengths and passionate people, and I look forward to working with the group to execute on the company’s priorities and enhance value for share and stakeholders,” says newly appointed CFO, Line Nitschke.

“I have joined Martin Bencher Group during the COVID-19 pandemic, and my focus has been and still is, the lessons learnt from the situation and to act on this by continuously revisiting setups, competences and priorities. In other words, the COVID-19 situation has given me a very quick finance insight and new finance initiatives have already been taken to adapt to the situation.”


If you want to learn more about our new CFO, please find a short interview with Line below: 

What is the first thing you read in the morning?

“My emails on my phone. Martin Bencher Group is a worldwide company, which means that people work all hours a day at different places – China, South East Asia, Europe and USA. So, there is always some catching up after a good night’s sleep”.

What are you usually listening to?

“I am still trying out audio books while I go for a walk. However, I might be a bit too impatient because it has not yet become a success. Although I prefer listening to music while running – that works much better for me.”

What do you watch?

“I like watching movies and TV-series. The latest TV-series that I watched and can recommend is “The Undoing” with Nichole Kidman. I am a great fan of all her work.”

Who do you follow?

“I mainly follow business related companies and individuals to receive news and updates within finance, IT, and logistics. I also use LinkedIn to be updated on my professional network and the great connections that I have across businesses.”

What do you experience right now?  

“The COVID-19 pandemic makes it difficult to have face-to-face meetings and being in the office with colleagues. As “new joiner” in the Martin Bencher family, it is a challenge to build up relations without meeting physically. However, I have realized, that a world-wide company as this, management on a distance is just daily business.”    

You can find contact information on Line – and all other employees – by clicking here.

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