Great Place To Work Certification

Martin Bencher wants to attract the best employees and to make sure we are able to do that; we have measured our employees’ level of satisfaction. From the results, we are proud to announce that Martin Bencher Denmark has received the Great Place to Work Certificate of 2019.

At Martin Bencher, we are highly focused on our work environment, and we are pleased that our employees are satisfied and happy working here. We have a strong focus on developing our employees and our services.

This is also something which our employees support. One of our employees’ states: “I am a part of a great team of people where I can count on help and support from others and they know that they can count on me. We have a great amount of team spirit and we take great interest and respect of each other”.

Our Head of QHSE, Birthe Drachmann, says: “To be sustainable, it requires that we keep focusing on our employees as well as health and safety to create the best work environment. To follow up on our efforts, we have together with our trusted partner, Great Place to Work, conducted an employee survey and the result is very satisfying. We are proud that we are now re-certified, and we want to keep focus on being an attractive workplace for both present and future employees”.

CEO of Martin Bencher, Peter Jensen continues: “By continuously making improvements for our employees, it is our experience that the result influences our attractiveness to new employees. The result is interesting to work with as the statistics show where we are doing well and where we can improve”.

We have celebrated the great result and our certification with a big Martin Bencher logo-cake.

If you have questions or would like to know more about Martin Bencher’s recent certification, please contact our Head of QHSE, Birthe Drachmann.

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