In Martin Bencher, our most important resource is people, and in relation to our 2022 Strategy, we focus on attractivity towards current and future employees.

We acknowledge that we must continuously sharpen our skills to maintain our market position and stay relevant, both as a company and as individuals. All of this requires focus and resources and we have therefore decided to appoint a Manager for Human Relations (HR) at Martin Bencher Group.” says CEO, Peter Thorsoe Jensen.

We are thus pleased to announce that Ms. Christina Thiel Vestergaard has been appointed as Head of People & Culture in Martin Bencher Group to strengthen our organization and the Martin Bencher DNA.
Christina has 4 years of experience within Martin Bencher Group, previously in the position of Executive Assistant and Head of Marketing, and has now moved on to the position as Head of People & Culture.

I’m truly honored as taking this new position and I’m ready to bring my educational background and previous experience within HR into play. For me, it’s exciting to work in a highly international organization where we work and meet with different cultures every day. Our people are our most valuable asset, and therefore I’m happy to be strengthening our initiatives towards a better and more attractive workplace.

You have been in the company for 4 years – why is it time for Martin Bencher to have an HR management?

As we have grown and recruited more employees, it’s a natural step to create this role. Having an HR manager onsite is more efficient to address specific issues such as recruiting, firing, leave management, training and talent management, benefits, onboarding programs, etc.

These mentioned areas will be her key responsibilities, and furthermore, the plan for HR is to support our strategic focus on digitalization and let this area manifest in the daily management by establishing a digital onboarding and recruitment platform.

This is already a work in progress. We want new employees to be able to read all about Martin Bencher on a mobile platform. If we want the next generation of talented people to look our way, we need to improve on this process, and we need to speak their digital language.“, Christina says.

Christina is 29 years old and she holds a Master’s degree from Aarhus University in Strategy, Organization, and Leadership (Cand.merc.SOL). She lives outside Aarhus with her fiancé in a house with a little garden. Besides being passionate about HR, Christina loves traveling to new places and trying out new foods.

Find contact information on Christina and other HQ employees by clicking here.

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