Update on the Coronavirus (COVID-19)

In response to the widely reported COVID-19 virus, Martin Bencher Group is monitoring the situation very closely and taking all necessary precautions to avoid and limit delays or extra costs to ongoing shipments.

Right now, the situation of COVID-19 is very different from country to country – some countries are opening; some are closing down, yet again, and virus mutations occur in different places worldwide. Martin Bencher Group follows all guidelines and recommendations from local authorities at any time. Therefore, we have employees still working from their home offices as others are back working from the offices. We must also acknowledge that we have become more adaptable in relation to our workplace.

We do of course still take all necessary precautions. The offices are equipped with hand sanitizer, masks, and disposable gloves. In some countries we see improvements and we are acting as local regulations allow.

Martin Bencher Group is doing the outmost to ensure the best possible support for our customers, partners, and the communities in which we operate in a socially responsible way. We are fully committed to providing the highest care possible – to employees, customers, and all our stakeholders.

All international traveling is still banned until the situation stabilizes. If local traveling is required to meet specific requirements, it must be approved by management.

At Martin Bencher Group we are aware that the situation can quickly change. Our crisis management team has committed itself to follow the situation closely and we will with all our efforts, do the absolute outmost to protect employees and stakeholders.

In case you have questions or concerns related to your engagement with Martin Bencher Group please do not hesitate to reach out to your Martin Bencher representative, or the members of the crisis management team.

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