Your reliable partner since 1997

We are Martin Bencher. We were born in 1997 and actually just celebrated our 20th years birthday. Now we are well out of our teens – but still a young, dynamic and enthusiastic team with a company culture we are proud of. The last few years we have grown significantly and with our current strategy we expect this to continue. We hope that you will follow us on the journey.

Our biggest passion is working together across the planet on getting your project to run smoothly all the way from the factory to the smallest jobsite in the jungle. Our first offices and cargo took us from Asia to Europe and we’ve been opening offices and taking care of projects all over the world ever since. Nowadays we have own offices in the biggest hubs of the world – close to our customers – and we have trusted friends and partners in most other strategically important locations. We love travelling the world when assisting our customers in reaching their goals and destinations.

Other things that describe us? Reliable, high quality, useful, unique, and good value for money –that’s what our customers tell us.

We hire personalities and train for skills. Hopefully you feel this when you are working with someone from Martin Bencher. The relationship between you and us is central at Martin Bencher. Close relations are very important to us.

In Martin Bencher, we have always been able to attract talented and hardworking people; people who do the right things – and do things right. Usually, talented and hardworking people tend to be luckier than others. And to continue to do well the next 20 years also, we will need more hard work, talent – and a little bit of luck.” – Peter Thorsoe Jensen, CEO.

To find out more about us, please take a tour of our website, see our brochures and download our fact sheet.

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